Armorial Added to Site

We have added an Armorial containing the heraldry used by the van der Merwede and related families. It can be accessed HERE.

Please remember that artist renditions of arms of individuals are copyright and are the property of the owner. Example: The arms of Albert Michael van der Merwede are Albie's' property and cannot be used by any other individual. Coat of Arms are not based on surname but are only born by those in direct male line decent through inheritance. Unless you are legitimate direct line male decent or legally inherited the Coat of Arms you have no right to bear them as your own. If you have the same surname or similar this also does not give you the right to bear the arms.


New Book To Be Released By Cobus van der Merwe

Cobus van der Merwe has completed his book on the forefatherly history as from circa 350 AD. to the present time. Cobus is a South African author now living in the United States in a home that was further improved by

We are very pleased with this work as it is supposed to shed light on the link of the van der Merwe family to that of the noble van der Merwede's. There has never been proof found previously that the two families are related although the van der Merwe's have always believed this to be so.


The site is being re-styled

Greetings all,

I am re-styling the site so please bear with me. I am incorporating this weblog on the front page to keep everyone abreast of what the foundation is doing.

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Welcome to the Stichting van der Merwede


This is the place I will be posting all the news, developments, and general information about what is going on with the Stichting van der Merwede, damaged carpet repair services (website), and roofing and drains services (page).

The site also contains history, genealogical data, articles, photos, and anything else you could think of. You can comment here, at the forums on the site, submit data that we do not appear to have. Basically you can get involved in your history and future right here.